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About UniSci

About Uni-Sci

The University of Iceland Science Centre (UniSci) opened in the spring of 2012 and it has been almost fully booked from day one. The aim of the Centre is to increase children and young people’s interests in science in a lively and interactive way, as well as supporting teaching in natural sciences. Visitations are free of charge for schools and they have received top marks from the students as well as the teachers. The staff and instructors at Sci-Ice are academics and teachers at the University of Iceland.

Location and visitations

UniSci is located in the centre of Reykjavík, on the University campus. It is open four days a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Schools book their visits on the website.

Age groups and programme

We welcome students of all ages , although students older than ten years of age are more likely to benefit from the visit. We also have a specialised programme for students from secondary schools. 

No admission fee

UniSci does not charge admission fees and the service is free of charge to every school in the country.

Facilities and transport

In UniSci there are excellent facilities for groups of students: there is spacious room to hang coats and store school bags; a cozy place for the groups to eat their packed lunches; and good accessibility. Many bus routes stop on campus, making it easy for schools to plan their travels. 

A generous contribution from Reykjavík Energy

UniSci is partly founded on a generous contribution from Reykjavík Energy. Reykjavík Energy presented the University with all the tools and devices that formed a similar centre owned by the institution, that was used to educate children. The University accepted the contribution, promising that it would continue to be used to educate the young and inspire diverse and lively teaching methods.

The University of Iceland, science and young people

The University of Iceland emphasises getting young people interested in science and academics and has founded various programmes to do so. Among them are the University of the Young; the Icelandic Web of Science; and the Icelandic Knowledge Train.

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