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NSCF 2017 sessions

Keynote talks

Dr. Minna Huotilainen

Keynote title: Brain, music and learning

Minna Huotilainen is a researcher in psychology and cognitive science in the Cognitive Brain Research Unit at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests include the development of human cognition, auditory processing and memory functions, and developmental disorders.

The topic of the Keynote is the effect of music on the brain and how music can be used as a learning aid and how music hobbying serves different ages, mostly from kindergarten to upper-secondary. Minna will also introduce to us the technological revolution in Brain Research: soon we will all measure our brains.

Tauri Tallermaa

Keynote title: Attention and memory during learning process

"The brain is a very powerful organ in our body. But it’s also very expensive. It needs energy to be focused. Our biggest problem is not our memory, but our ability to stay focused. We are living in a world full of information and modern technique. It gives us lot of benefits and advantages, but also gets lot of energy. How to get attention and stay focused in a learning process, is today a most important question. Awareness about our weaknesses is one key. Another is some simple techniques, what gives us some helping systems. In my speech I will explain our brain development process from birth to adult. When and how our brain starts to think and learn."

Tauri Tallermaa is a memory trainer who started memory training fifteen years ago and has developed his own program for memorization. He has taught thousand of people from both the private and public sector as well as many teachers and students. He has also developed special training for improving one's attention, understanding the differences between men and women's brains and how to learn to learn. At the moment he is developing a special focusing and memory training course for sports athletes.



The Brain and learning

Workshop session A

(To be confirmed) Conference guests will have the opportunity to discuss further with Dr Minna Huotilainen the fascinating topics from her earlier keynote talk.

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Working with univerisities

Workshop session A

Should universities and science centres/museums be working closer together? Could there be more flow of knowledge and ideas between the two, opportunities we have not yet explored?

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The mobile science center – do we need outreach?

Workshop session A and workshop session C

NSCF members share their experience and ideas on outreach projects, followed by a session where participants take the concept further, exploring the pros and cons of outreach activities.

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Brain exhibitions and programs

Workshop session B and workshop session C

Three science centres share their experience of preparing, operating and renewing brain exhibitions. Learning programmes about the theme and related topics will also be introduced.

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Practical memory techniques for learning

Workshop session B and workshop session C

Inspired from Tauri Tallermaa´s KeyNote, you can go straight to a workshop helping you remember all the clever thing he mentioned earlier. Practical memory techniques for learning sounds like a clever idea in the middle of a busy conference.

"Memory training means two things - awareness how the brain works and using techniques. In my key note speech I am explaining the learning process. In my workshop I give some useful memory techniques, which helps to learn more quickly, funny, interesting and lasting longer."


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Web based toolboxes

Workshop session B

What sort of educational or supporting material do we have on our websites and how are they being used?  Participants will explore examples of web based toolboxes and together put together their own.


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Open sessions

What’s on in NSCF — News from the field.

This is the moment to proudly share what´s new in our science centres / museum, always a favorite part of the yearly conference.

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Let´s have a closer look! It´s time to wrack your brains

From brain waves to illusions to cognitive biases, we'll have a bit of fun with how our little gray cells work.

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Can we do more projects together?

Discussion on ideas, projects and sources of funding available to the Nordic countries.This is a venue to share ideas and find partners for collaboration in new projects. Colleagues with experience from such projects tell their succcess stories (or less so). 

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General Assembly

The biennial general meeting of the NSCF

Welcome to the biennial general meeting of the NSCF where a new board and chairman will be elected. Come and use your vote, hear about current activities and join us in dicussions of future plans.

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