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NSCF 2017 workshop: Brain exhibitions and related programs

Workshop session B and workshop session C

The human brain is forever fascinating and most visitors in science centres find the subject extremely interesting.  In this workshop we will hear the experience of science centers who are preparing to open, have recently opened or have long experience of brain exhibition or related programs.

HEUREKA is planning to open an exhibition about "Brains and Brain Health" during autumn 2018. The exhibition producers Heidi Rosenström and Sami Pihkala will present the concept and the planning of this exhibition and introduce some learning programs about the theme.
"Super Human Me" was a camp EXPERIMENTARIUM initiated with the ambition of discussing the ethical dilemmas and concerns in regards to neuro-enhancement. Sheena Laursen will present this initiative and other under the theme of “A Revolution of the Mind” where a common concern was the blurring of the line between disability and super-ability.
ASGER HØEG, former director of Experimentarium, shares his experience from two earlier brain exhibition of the science centre; from 1997, where visitor could test their own brain and from 2008, „Your Brain – Use it- or Loose it“, advice on how to keep your brain safe and sound.

Mariana Back, Development Leader at MegaMind/ NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in Stockholm, will share some thoughts from working with that recently opened exhibition. When shaping the concept for MegaMind, it was essential that the theme of the exhibition – the creative mind - should be visible in the architecture.The design at large  is based on a conceptual model of how the brain functions. Does this have an effect on how visitors experience the exhibition? How can we best support knowledge about the plasticity of the brain? 

Following the presentations, participants will discuss and share their ideas and thoughts on the topic.

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