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NSCF 2017 workshop: The mobile science center – do we need outreach?

Workshop session A and workshop session C

Outreach activities - increased social inclusion ?

Are there communities in our surroundings that have a hard time getting to our science centres? For geographical, financial or social reasons?

Many science centres have outreach programs - but quite many have none. Should we be doing more - or perhaps different outreach?

Hard to reach communities may be one of the aims for outreach activities - to increase social inclusion and even opportunities. Going on the road with travel toolboxes for schools or set up pop up events in shopping malls, perhaps visit science festivals or join some yearly celebrations or events. That sounds nice - but is the purpose clear?

After short presentations from NSCF members, sharing their experience and ideas on this subject, participants in this workshops will take the concept further and explore the pros and cons of outreach activities - with suggestions of best practice in the matter.

SCIENCE CIRCUS / Jærmuseet, Norway:
The Science Circus’s has been 22 years on the road in Norway and are also celebrating 20 years of outreach to schools. After two decades on the road, they have loads of experience to share with us.

NAVET, Boras, Sweden will share the following:
"Maker space" on tour at libraries – to give the general public an opportunity to explore new technology and programming and to be able to try it out for themselves.
In our crime lab our current focus is a fire theme with a possible arson. It is a theme which connects to several school subjects and with the overall perspective on how to avoid young people starting fires and to get them to realize the consequences.

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