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NSCF 2017 workshop: Working with univerisities

Workshop session A

Many of us work quite closely with universities, especially when it comes to finding scientific advisors for development of exhibits/programs or inviting researchers to give presentataions for our visitors. Some of us have university members in our boards, others are even partly owned by universities.

Could there be more flow of knowledge and ideas between the two? Those ideas and more will be discussed in this workshop, also questions such as:

  • Can collaboration between research institutions and science centres blur the frontiers between production and sharing of knowledge?
  • Can science centres and universities collaborate on the training of researchers and students for science dissemination?  

Among speakers in this workshop is Sheena Larsen from Experimentarium:
"Real collaboration with universities can help us become stronger and give us a theoretical platform to stand on. For the EU funded project Hypatia, the science department at the University of Copenhagen has developed a theoretical framework for science centres and museums to become more gender inclusive. " Sheena will present how this is put into practice when developing activities.  

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