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SciScills 2.0

Participants attending the first workshop in Iceland.

UniSci participates in the NordPlus Horizontal Project SciSkills 2.0, a trilateral collaboration project between Science Centre Teknikens Hus from Sweden, Science Centre AHHAA from Estonia, and the University of Iceland. All participating parthers are institutions involved in offering further training to teachers and communicators of science on the methods of using informal education settings to support formal education goals.

SciScills 2.0 is an innovative project where the partners will work together and share ideas and develop a pilot teacher training. The idea is to use and share previous knowledge from teacher trainings and programs and add new ideas to develop this new training project, SciSkills.There are several possible options to work with very young children for example with materials like Blue-Bot, Bee-Bot or programs like Scratch Jr up to older students with, Kojo, Quirkbots, Mindcraft, 3D creations, raspberry pi, Arduino etc., to let pupils develop new skills connected to computational thinking, coding and programming.

The project aims to provide exchange of knowledge and experiences, work together to develop new teacher training modules and test it in each country as a one-day pilot teacher training, and finally share knowledge and lessons learnt from the pilots. Another aim is to use ideas from teacher training to develop short programs for school groups and the general public in the premises of the three consortium partners.

The main stages of the program are:
Two workshops, the former taking place in Iceland where participants share and develope ideas for a pilot teacher training on computational thinking, programming and coding.

After the workshop, participants will develope a one-day pilot teacher training in each country and conduct the program for a group of teachers.

The second workshop takes part in Sweden. Participants will share experiences and knowledges from the pilot teacher training and adapting ideas from the training in to short programs for visiting school groups and general public. 

A downloadable inspirational booklet (pdf) will be produced with material from the the teacher training days, focusing on computational thinking, programming and coding. It will include teachers quotes about the training, photo material, ideas from the pilots about what programs and material can be used, and lessons learnt about preparing and conducting this kind of teacher trainings. The pdf booklet will be in English.


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