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Science communication training and workshop in Iceland

Baldur Brynjarsson Vindmyllur SiauliaiDuring 20 - 23 March science communication training and workshop was organized in University of Iceland (UI) in Reykjavík within the project "BaltNord network for science communication". All project partners took part in it: University of Iceland (UI), Iceland, Science Cetre AHHA Foundation (AHHAA), Estonia, Siualiai University (SU), Lithuania and Daugavpils University (DU), Latvia as well as leactures, teachers and students from Iceland.

The first two days of the event were dedicated to science communication training during which both theoretical and practical activities were organized. Participants had an opportunity to explore the main theories of Science Communication and see examples of hands-on and methodsto be used in schools or science communication events. All project partners provided workshops with demonstrations and hands-on activities involving all participants in active group work of chemistry, physics, biology and technology experiments. All the workshops were recorded on video with an aim to provide good quality video materials on science communication for public use.

Within two days of project workshop partners were given the opportunity to enrich their experience by the following activities:

  • Visited Univeristy of Iceland Science Centre (UniSci) where discovered the Box of Light and other toolboxes and activities for outreach purposes.
  • Visited labs and premises of UI.
  • Participated in workshop on Media Relations and PR
  • Participated in workshop on science communication for kinder gardens, for schoolögroups, as well as in "Heaven and Earth" workshop (astronomy and geology)
  • Participated in scientific excursion to interesting geological places
  • Discussed project progress and its further plans

During these science communication events all partners shared their experience and knowledge, discussed topical issues of this sphere and exchanged new ideas. Project partners have admitted that both training and workshop was a valuable source of inspiration for new plans in science communication field.

The next science communication event within the project is foreseen in Daugavpils University, Latvia, on 27 April. Parnters will come together for organization and evaluation of Researcher's competition which is designes similarly to FameLab competition.

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